Save the Earth,
Ride in style.

Rent eco bikes to move.
Stay relaxed and save money

How Redigo bike rental works?

For hassle free rides and results, this is how we work.

Locate Hub

Locate a nearby Redigo hub to get a ride.

Unlock Ride

Your ride is just a scan away.

Ready, go

Start your ride &
Ready, Steady and Go!

Lock at Hub

Locate hub, park your vehicle & lock at hub

Why choose Redigo?

For hassle free rides and results, this is how we work

Low Cost

  • How about a low
  • budget classy ride.

No Fuel

  • Fuel is on us.
  • Off you go!

No maintenance

  • How about just riding?
  • Say goodbye to maintenance.

Save earth.

  • Go green!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

About Us

Welcome to Redigo – we’re the friend who gets you! Redigo is central India’s first smart green shareable mobility solution, with a mission of making daily commute pollution free, time saving, relaxing, reliable andconvenient.

We offer hub-to-hub rental services with all new keyless IoT enabled scooters, Unlock and ride hassle free ride by scanning QR code and end ride at the nearest hub.

Two youngsters, restless to see better India.